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Cost-Conscious Companies Turn to Open-Source Software

As the recession puts pressure on tech spending, many companies are turning to open-source software to handle more IT tasks.

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Building a basic search using Filters in Views modules

Being that Views is both a very popular module and included in Acquia Drupal, we get a lot of questions regarding how to configure and customize views in various ways. One thing that has come up a few times is a customer wanting to add custom searching or filters to their views.

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Turning photo images into Polaroids

As you know, instant film has or will be discontinued very soon. But fear not, Poladroid is here to help keep those wonderful unique qualities of Polaroid films alive by mimicking it's style and quality.

If you're like me who love Polaroid and owns a Mac, then head over to Poladroid website and download the app for free. You'll have hours of fun experimenting...

Bobby Reed - The time is right for love

no flash

One of my favourite track. Thought i'll share it with all. :-)

Soon to be Drupal Profile Installation

Each time you start a new website, one always has to go through a really mundane and tedious process of installing a clean version and then adding many modules before you get to the fun part and the is the build of the site. Having used Drupal for quite some time now. It's easy to figure out which modules will be used most (if not all) the time.

So to cut out the tedious tasks and be more productive, it'll probably be best to build up a generic custom install Drupal version where most of the initial setup is there and you can begin to start to build your new site.

Taxonomy Navigation meets Pathauto module

Laurel and Hardy

If you have ever developed a site which heavily relies on Taxonomies to built up sections of a large website, you know how tedious and frustrating of a tasks it can become.


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