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Visual learning for PHP programming

Sometimes it’s better to see how things are done from an expert than to read through a book to learn programming (or scripting).

Amazing artworks by Dzark

If you are ever looking for some inspiration for a trendy music site or flyers (at least that's what i think they are more suited for) then check out Dzark Design bureau, a design company launched in 2000 by Virgiilo Santos. Some of the artworks is just awesome and beautiful.

view artworks from Dzark Design Bureau website

Photography tutorial - About depth of field

A photography tutorial on depth of field with Shelton Muller of Total Image magazine (www.total-image.com.au)

An Empty Jar of Mayonnaise and 2 cups of coffee

I’ve just received a really nice email from my sister who doesn’t often write emails. Anyway, i want to share it with you all. This of course isn’t written by my sister but an email that has been circulating around users email inboxes. It’s called:

An Empty Jar of Mayonnaise and 2 cups of coffee

CSS cheat sheet

Found this on the web and i must say it’s probably the best CSS cheat sheet i’ve come across.

View the CSS Cheat Sheet

15 tips to choose a good text type

If you are big on Typography, head over to Typies website as it has some great tips on choosing a correct text typography design in different cases.

Read the full article


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