Problems with enabling UEFI secure boot for Windows 11 installation

Today, when i ran windows update on Windows 10, there was a notification informing me that Windows 11 was available but my PC did not meet the requirement. This requirement was UEFI secure boot and TPM. These can be found in the BIOS of newer built PCs. 

In the Windows 11 upgrade notification, it also offers a program called 'PC health check'. This is a utility program you run on your PC for full details to determine if your PC meets the requirements for installing Windows 11. 

So i wanted to find out if i have secure boot and TPM on  my PC. To find out, shutdown your PC and boot into your BIOS (pressing F2 upon PC boot up stage). Looks like my Dell 3020 does have UEFI secure boot support. 

Here is a warning in advance, do not go into your BIOS and change to UEFI secure boot. Otherwise, it will not boot up your PC if you already installed and running Windows 10 prior to enabling secure boot. 

If you do accidentally end up what i did (enabled secure boot) and cannot boot back into your Pc, you will need to reset your BIOS. 

I'm using a Dell desktop PC and the process is as follows to rest your BIOS (I think this may apply to other PCs but consult your manual):

  1. Power off and unplug PC
  2. Press/hold power button for ~15 sec
  3. Open case and remove motherboard battery (check Service Manual for details)
  4. Press/hold power button for ~30 sec
  5. Remove battery and insert it back into place.
  6. Close up and connect mouse, monitor and keyboard
  7. Power on and start tapping F2 to see if you can open BIOS setup now
  8. Assuming BIOS setup opens, put UEFI and Safe Boot settings back to the way they were before you changed things
  9. Save the changes and exit setup
  10. Boot up to your desktop PC.

(Taken from

This is the proper steps to take if you want to enable secure boot on an existing Windows 10 installation:


Update (on 18 Nov 2021):

It now seems like this isn't an issue anymore for older desktops or laptops. I chose to download the ISO and flash this to a USB drive. During the installation process i was given the option if i want to install Windows 11 with secureboot or without. 

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