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'Search by location' feature developed


I was contacted by a web agency over the weekend to help add a 'search by location' feature to one of the client's website (CLS Group). The function of it was to show the location and area where their homes were located and provide information about the homes. This was simply achieve using CCK and views modules, and the cool hierarchical select module. hierarchical select uses Jquery for a sliding effect to show multiple select group. You can see a working example at clsgroup website. The site runs on Drupal 5.

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Is there a way to provide regular search with location search as well? Such as search for WHAT in Where.

VERY cool feature, I have been desperately trying to find something similar for Joomla.

This is really cool. Would you be capable of developing something similar for Joomla?
I want to make a classified ads page which would require the posters to specify their location, so that views may restrict the ads display options by area.
Would it be possible to have a Joomla site (because I want to use Jomsocial), and yet have a classified ads page and a directory developed with Drupal on the same domain?

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