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960 grid-system Zen sub theme for Drupal 6

960 grid-system Zen sub theme
The main idea behind grid-based designs is a solid visual and structural balance of web-sites you can create with them. Sophisticated layout structures offer more flexibility and enhance the visual experience of visitors. In fact, users can easier follow the consistency of the page, while developers can update the layout in a well thought-out, consistent way. However, it’s quite hard to find your way through all the theory behind grid systems: it isn’t easy at all. Some important notions and related key-facts can help to learn basics and keep essential techniques in mind.
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This is a Drupal 6 Zen sub Theme. It is taken from the excellent theme by Dvessel called NineSixty based on the 960 grid-system

Poloraid came to an end last year, now Kodachrome follows

Like the Polaroid, now Kodachrome is following it's step to demise for the traditional film camera. Kodachrome was widely regarded as the film for professional photographers, hell, even rock star like Paul Simon sang about it. What was so alluring about the Koadchrome was the vibrant colour and the crispness of the images that a photographer could capture.

Make your Mac OSX talk

Some Mac fun - If you a lucky owner of an Apple Mac computer and want to make it talk then open a terminal and type say follow by anything you want it to say.

For example, if you want it to say Hello Master, then just type:

say hello master

Lastly, if you want to know how my name is pronounced (not a lot of people get it right the first time round), type:

say duvien



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