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Transform by Zack Arias

I came across this video produced by Zack Arias (photographer) and it was refreshing to hear it from someone genuine and sincere about his own experience struggling to be creative (at times). Something we all have felt before and it never really leaves you behind.

OmniWeb browser now a free product


Old, grizzled veterans of the browser wars (Blood! Honor! W3C Standards!) will remember OmniWeb, an expensive, Mac-only überbrowser that always seemed to be slightly ahead of everyone else. Well, it's free now.

Austere theme updated with minor fixes

Sorry for the late minor updates to Austere theme (http://drupal.org/project/austere). Still getting my head around using CVS which is annoying though following this guide (http://drupal.org/node/262432) and this http://drupal.org/node/93999 for tagging and branching certainly helped without losing too much hair. This theme is only updated and released for Drupal 6. There wouldn't be a D5 version sorry. It's time to move ahead... Read more about Austere theme updated with minor fixes

Yummy FTP, go take a bite out of it and it wouldn't be the last

Yummy FTP

FTP programs isn't something i like using especially when you have SSH access to a remote server. We've all had our fair share of frustration when it comes to downloading or uploading many files to our web server having to sit and wait a long time. Worst still when you suddenly realised you have been disconnected from the server or that the connection breaks while away to fetch a cup of coffee, then having to start FTP'ing again. Read more about Yummy FTP, go take a bite out of it and it wouldn't be the last

Conditional-CSS script


Conditional-CSS allows you to write maintainable CSS with conditional logic to target specific CSS statements at both individual browsers and groups of browsers. Read more about Conditional-CSS script

1 pixelout player for Drupal 6

MP3 Player

Finally, there is now 1pixelout player for Drupal which works in the same way as this one but can also be hooked into other modules soon. It also uses the newer version from WordPress Audio Player website. Check out the screen cast: Read more about 1 pixelout player for Drupal 6


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