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Making Drupal Admin UI feel a little like Wordpress

drupal Admin UI

Recently, i've had a few requests from design companies asking how they can make Drupal Admin UI feel a little like Wordpress because a lot of their clients have become accustom to using Wordpress admin UI and is comfortable with administering their site with a separation of the front and backend. However, these design companies are trying to move away from Wordpress and offer Drupal as a long term solution. Furthermore, the design companies didn't want me to spend a lot of time customizing Drupal so that the admin UI is a bit more like Wordpress.

Book review: Drupal for Education and E-Learning by Bill Fitzgerald

Drupal for Education and E-Learning

I was really excited when I received this book 'Drupal for Education and E-Learning' from Packt Publishing because I was about to embark on a re-design of a university website and from the given title of the book, it seems to fit what I wanted to know.

Time to pick a winner for the Drupal site Blueprints book giveway

Okay, i've randomly picked out a winner and for the Drupal site Blueprints...

congratulations! pierrelbz was the chosen winner.

You will be contacted on Twitter, please reply to receive your free book.

Free Book giveaway: Drupal 6 Site Blueprints

giveaway prize The lovely Packt Publishing has given me a free book to giveaway. The book is Drupal 6 Site Blueprints.

To enter all you need to do is follow me on Twitter. Simple as that and i'll randomly select a winner from the list.

Book Review: Drupal 6 Site Blueprint by Timi Ogunjobi

Drupal 6 Site Blueprint Drupal 6 Site Blueprint by Timi Ogunjobi is a hands on practical examples of building 12 different sites. This book is actually very useful if you are starting out with Drupal for the first time. As anyone can tell you with the abundant of modules available it takes a long time to familiarise yourself with which module to choose to get the job done, as well as the time it takes to test them out.

Book Review: Drupal 6 Social Networking by Michael Peacock

Drupal 6 Social Networking by Michael Peacock Ask around any Open Source community and you'll get a positive response that Drupal is a very flexible platform to build social networking sites. But with any powerful and highly configurable CMS there will inevitably be a steep learning curve.

This is where this book Drupal 6 Social Networking by Michael Peacock aims to compliment Drupal by lowering the barrier and learning curve so any one with very little programming knowledge can build their own social network site. So does this book really live up to its expectations and teach many site builders the easy way of setting up a social network?


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