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Earlier today i was clearing out some old junk and found a few harddisk drives lying around that i had forgotten about. They were covered in dust, so must have been a few years old. Either way, this is great i can use them as an external backup disk for my server.

ext2 Mac

Finally, there is now 1pixelout player for Drupal which works in the same way as this one but can also be hooked into other modules soon.

Virtualbox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use.

As you know, instant film has or will be discontinued very soon. But fear not, Poladroid is here to help keep those wonderful unique qualities of Polaroid films alive by mimicking it's style and quality.

This may be a trivial case where user 1 (uid 1) can actually be deleted. This is the first user that you create on a fresh installation of Drupal and allows for full administration rights like a root user.

One of my favourite track. Thought i'll share it with all. :-)

This is just a re-issue. Original copy of this 7" record would probably cost between £150 - £250 (it's that rare).

It was sampled by St Etienne for their song - Spring


Being that Views is both a very popular module and included in Acquia Drupal, we get a lot of questions regarding how to configure and customize views in various ways. One thing that has come up a few times is a customer wanting to add custom searching or filters to their views.

If you have ever developed a site which heavily relies on Taxonomies to built up sections of a large website, you know how tedious and frustrating of a tasks it can become.

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