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One of my favourite track. Thought i'll share it with all. :-)

This is just a re-issue. Original copy of this 7" record would probably cost between £150 - £250 (it's that rare).

It was sampled by St Etienne for their song - Spring


Being that Views is both a very popular module and included in Acquia Drupal, we get a lot of questions regarding how to configure and customize views in various ways. One thing that has come up a few times is a customer wanting to add custom searching or filters to their views.

If you have ever developed a site which heavily relies on Taxonomies to built up sections of a large website, you know how tedious and frustrating of a tasks it can become.

There has been a buzz about Cooliris (formerly Piclens) for quite some time now and i'm surprised i haven't tried it out until now.

As Drupal is fast becoming popular among web businesses and end-users looking for a better alternative open source content management system, many expert users or company specialising in Drupal now see a good opportunity in this market and have released training videos to help this growing audience. 

Internet Explorer 6 will be SEVEN years old on August 27th. It came out a few weeks before the Twin Towers fell. It came out before the Nintendo GameCube. It came out before the first iPod.

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This is pretty cool, just found out that Know your Rights website (part of United Nations) is using my audio player for their podcast section.

Introducing Ubiquity for Firefox, and experiment in connecting the Web with language.

Extend the browser functionality easily. Watch the video

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