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There are times when a fully fledge CMS is just overkill for your client who is only looking for a simple website for an onlione presence. For example, i had a client who wanted a website just to put up some information about their small business.

Query Wrangler provides an intuitive interface for creating complex WP queries as shortcodes and widgets. UI based on Drupal Views.

Drupal Gardens was started about 6 years ago to fill the gap of offering hosted Drupal sites, much like (for WordPress hosted sites). 

This site runs on Drupal 8 but i was curious to see how much time it will take to recreate this complete site ( using WordPress 4.5.x from scratch to a functional site with minimal coding.

Google has been making the push for sites to move to HTTPS, and many folks have already started to include this in their SEO strategy. Recently at SMX Advanced, Gary Illyes from Google said that 34 percent of the Google search results are HTTPS.

Antivirus and anti malware software doesn't have to cost a penny and still does a great job. So there's no excuse why you are not running a software to protect your machine or device.

I love retro games so i bought a Raspberry Pi 3 to run Retropie, then later switched to Recalbox because it has an awesome feature called 'rewind' that lets you to turn back time in games.

This is quite a significant release so there is a version jump from Drupal 7.44 --> 7.50. It introduces a few new features and bugfixes.

The few new features in Drupal 7.50 are:

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