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Update as of 14 Aug 2010

Please note: this module is outdated. DIBS has release their own module: (It is highly recommend to use this module instead). Thanks to Daskog for pointing this out to me.

Already over 100,000 downloads and a shopping cart capable of allowing anyone to run an online store like Amazon - say "hello" to Magento.

There are many hidden files that Mac prevents the user from seeing as most of these files store essential data. There aren't any way to set them on in the preferences, however you can still view them using the Terminal or 3rd party programs.

Over at LifeHacker website there is a nice article on how to running various versions of Internet Explorer on your Mac using an open source application. Cool!

Joomla! is a well-known content management system, mature enough to be used by thousands of amateur and professional Web portals. Installation is a breeze and consists of six click-next steps. However, a default Joomla!

Some people may asked, "What's wrong with PHP4?" To answer that question, here is a great summary from Go PHP 5:

I was browsing through the Drupal Handbook looking for some tutorial on using CVS with Drupal and came over this great little tutorial on converting a Joomla template to Drupal.

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