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This document describes how to set up an Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon" desktop. The result is a fast, secure and extendable system that provides all you need for daily work and entertainment.

The internet today is full of webmasters that are always updating, editing and even deleting web pages.

I have been told by most professional photographers to use Adobe RGB ( 1998 ) ICC profile when it comes to editing photos to retain the quality so i set my colour profile to Adobe RGB ( 1998 ) and did not know this would also affect the colour on images when trying to save for the web. is one of those sites that offer video tutorials to takes you through step by step on learning PHP. So if you are a web designer, or taken up programming as a hobby, even maybe just want a change of career then head over to

A photography tutorial on depth of field with Shelton Muller of Total Image magazine (

If you are big on Typography, head over to Typies website as it has some great tips on choosing a correct text typography design in different cases.

Found this on the web and i must say it’s probably the best CSS cheat sheet i’ve come across. View the CSS Cheat Sheet

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