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Shipping to different countries is a very common setup for most e-commece website. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add shipping cost for certain countries using Commerce Kickstart distribution (though this can apply to the standard Drupal Commerce module, using shipping flat rate and addressfield module).

Modules plays an important role in the Drupal eco system. It adds the much needed functionality and build out features lacking in core.

Here is a list of modules that will aid you in building out a website with all the features required to operate a fully functional website to it's fullest.

As a local business, you may think that having a website is an unnecessary expense. Just because your business caters to the community does not mean you should continue to think on such a small scale. The internet is driving business to companies locally and worldwide. Consumers are internet savvy and want quality products and services.

Google has deprecated the desktop Web. It's still here, but for Google it just got less important.

The Administration Views module replaces your content administration and user administration pages with actual Drupal Views that provide expanded field and filtering capabilities and also the ability to quickly customize your administration pages since they are now real Views.

One of the most important part of Boostrap is to understand the 12 column grid system.


Boostrap is a really nice template framework to quickly build out responsive sites. It is based around a 12 column grid system and comes bundled with many useful components.

The video is a good introduction to Bootstrap.

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