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I was really excited when I received this book 'Drupal for Education and E-Learning' from Packt Publishing because I was about to embark on a re-design of a university website and fr

Drupal 6 Site Blueprint by Timi Ogunjobi is a hands on practical examples of building 12 different sites. This book is actually very useful if you are starting out with Drupal for the first time.

Ask around any Open Source community and you'll get a positive response that Drupal is a very flexible platform to build social networking sites. But with any powerful and highly configurable CMS there will inevitably be a steep learning curve.

Osmobi makes any Drupal or Joomla site mobile. Osmobi is powered by the open source platform Siruna.

One of the things i find very annoying and somewhat misleading when using Views 2 Style called 'unformatted' is that it still assumes that you mean giving you a prefined set of CSS classes along with the Views output.

When you use Drupal imagefield or filefield module, you'll have noticed that it uses uploadprogress to show a nifty progress bar.

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