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mazze (not verified), 20 Oct 2020 - 7:48am
Hi Duvien, thank you for this report and the suggested improvements. I also had a quick look at Backdrop at the time it entered the stage some years ago.

But today I do nearly all customer projects on Backdrop... and the main reason is a feature you did not mention: configuration management, it's incredibly powerful when you build websites on a regular basis. My base config has 10+ content types OOTB, with several view modes per type, relations, taxonomy vocabulary and plenty of basic settings. It's so much more than Features in D7 and Config in D8.

The second big improvement is not one new function, but a simple word: speed... I am so much faster developing new functions, it's the sum of so many small improvements for site builders. Also for editors: support request like "how do I..." from clients are nearly zero.

I tried a lot of alternatives after failing with numerous Drupal 8 releases, and getting into troubles with customer deadlines. I tried Craft CMS, October, and a numer of flat file systems, and I will stick with Drupal for commerce projects. But I really can recommend Backdrop CMS when someone has to build sites on a regular basis, and "get things done".
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