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Duvien, 24 Oct 2020 - 10:16pm
Thanks for highlighting some of the more important features i had missed out to mention. I guess it shows that i'm no expert in Backdrop.

It was inevitable that the growth of Drupal has fallen since Drupal 8 is really a complete new web application under the hood with the concept and branding of Drupal. So the cost of site migration could be too costly for some businesses to take on. Having said that, another factor that may have contributed to the lack of growth in Drupal is that there have been an explosion of new contenders in this cms market and perhaps, some developers moving away to specialise in full stack development and web frameworks (such as ReactJS, NodeJS or AngularJS) since there is a large market for these well paid jobs.

I admire your dedication and commitment. Keep up the good work. I always like to keep my options open so who knows, you may see me more often in the Backdrop community in near future?
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