Make certain region of a web page editable with Sitecake


There are times when a fully fledge CMS is just overkill for your client who is only looking for a simple website for an onlione presence. For example, i had a client who wanted a website just to put up some information about their small business.

The static website only consists of a frontpage with some images and content, an about page and contact form page. This is just a simple 3 page website.

There was one more request, they wanted to be able to edit the frontpage and about us page.

This is were Sitecake fills the gap to make certain section of the web page editable.

And it's simple...

All it requires is to add sc-content class to divs you want editable (example below):

<div class="sc-content">
<h1>Fine looking heading</h1>
<img src=”feature.jpg">
<p>Some text</p>

Once this is done, SiteCake will render these editable regions with some inline editing features.

Check the video (above), it outlines exactly what Sitecake can offer. It works really well on either static or PHP websites.

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