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There's no point explaining all the goodness of NodeBB, just watch the video.

Since Flarum is still in Beta, this will be a short article guide on installing Flarum and a summary of the pros and cons.

So far, i am really impressed with Flarum. The stable release should hopefully be made available some time next month.

Open Social is a distribution for building social communities and intranets. The distribution is positioned as the successor of Drupal Commons, taking full advantage of the new possibilities of Drupal 8.

Initially, I was going to use WHMCS because of the tight integration with cPanel as it was built to accommodate selling web hosting but then I felt it was a bit overkill for what I needed.

Right now, on your site, a handful of usability mistakes could be hacking and slashing away at your conversion rates and sales.

The web design platform Weebly was hacked in February, according to the data breach notification site LeakedSource. Usernames and passwords for more than 43 million accounts were taken in the breach, although the passwords are secured with the strong hashing algorithm bcrypt.

I have been running this website using Drupal 8.2 with PHP 7 for a couple of days now and i can safely say it is much faster, and without issues. 

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