Global Decision Support

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    Global Decision Support (GDSI)
    Category: Non-Profit

The GDSI has been established in response the tremendous challenges facing global society in the quest of sustainable developments. Globalization, climate change and diminishing resources are boundary conditions to which decision makers and stakeholder’s at all societal scales must react and adapt – and time is an issue.

To cope with this situation necessitates science based decision support with a focus on sustainability and risks and due consideration of the significant uncertainties and lack of knowledge affecting the outcome of the decision making.

I worked closely with the team of researchers in adapting their decision support modelling diagrams and data into Drupal system to handle mapping of each models and categorised them under each climate and conditions.

Another aspect of the site build was to implement a content approval workflow. Anything data added goes through GDSI team to be assessed and reviewed before publishing research data live.

The complexity of the site to build involved multiple cross-referencing each of the tools and data into multiple (sub)categories