ISES Europe

The objective of ISES Europe (Europe Regional Chapter of the International Society of Exposure Science) is to foster and advance exposure science needed to safeguard European citizens from environment-related pressures and risks to health and well-being. ISES Europe is an independent platform where stakeholders from society can exchange information and construct dialogues aiming at the identification of current and future scientific and policy needs and opportunities. ISES Europe will use the best dissemination strategies to ensure that needs and opportunities are communicated to relevant stakeholder groups such as academia, research funders, CEOs and competent authorities.

I was tasked to do a complete site build to add many features, such as:

  • Custom design and layout
  • Various roles for site user and editors to update specific parts of the site
  • Paid Membership system (consist of 3 different membership plans)
  • Payment gateway for (membership) subscription based system
  • Group roles for different working groups
  • Private accessible working groups for collaboration among ISES members to allow them to discuss on topics and share documents
  • Annual events and meetings section
  • Gallery
  • Blogs
  • Funding and Job listing sections