NameKraft is a boutique domain name marketplace selling premium .com and .nyc domain names that can be used as company names, business names, product names, and more.

NameKraft has over 1000s domain names for sell but the search facility on the site was too basic to bring up any specific domain names titles. They needed a search that was more refined based on set of predefined criteria that will better match specifically on users' search keywords.

Drupal CMS default search was too basic and simple for use on NameKraft's website so I implemented a better more refined custom search that was able to search on more matched title of domain names (ie, keywords) and omit content that was not relevant to the site visitors.

Other work carried out were to improve the admin interface to filter and sort domain names and other details to better manage an increasing list of items. 

Server maintenance work were also carried out to optimise the page load and security of their VPS server and website.