Peckham Soul

Peckham Soul celebrates the creative energy of SE15’s diversity (South East London) to challenge negative views which surround diversity.

Host and involved in a range of events across Peckham and South East London area, these currently include Northern Soul Room residency at the mighty 'South London Soul Train' and ‘Unity’ reggae events which are organised at The CLF Art Café/Bussey Building and other locations across Peckham and Camberwell. 

Peckham Soul ecommerce site was build to promote their events and sell merchandise.

To keep people engaged, a blog was created to post up written articles and I showed client how to utilise social media to spread the word and keep their audience informed. 

Since the launch of the site, site traffic has doubled and t-shirt sales have grown by 35%

Update: 17 Sept 2019

Extended the ecommerce site to add a section for selling music vinyl due to a growing demand.