Polaroid came to an end last year, now Kodachrome follows

Like the Polaroid, now Kodachrome is following it's step to demise for the traditional film camera. Kodachrome was widely regarded as the film for professional photographers, hell, even rock star like Paul Simon sang about it. What was so alluring about the Koadchrome was the vibrant colour and the crispness of the images that a photographer could capture.

On Kodak's website they have a Kodachrome slideshow to show off it's glory. It looks stunning but believe me you have to see the prints for real and not on a monitor screen to fully appreciate it even more.

Sad truth is nothing will last forever, however i believe there'll always be a group of dedicated and passionate photographers who will always try and keep it alive as long as possible even if it meant to have to setup a processing plant to develop the films


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