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Tutorial on how to install and configure MAMP and a local copy of WordPress for development.

If you need to know how to install MAMP, check out this tutorial


Last week, my iMac failed to boot and i kept seeing a folder icon upon booting the machine. I later learnt that it meant my physical harddrive finally gave in after several years of usage. So it was time to upgrade to a new hardrive. I bought a Seagate SATA II 320g HDD and proceeded to replace my old harddrive.

Last year, Microsoft announced that IE10 will not be supporting conditional comments. With their history, this is obviously a risky move.

As you know, the EU Cookie Law is coming into effect on 26th May 2012. This means, all websites in the EU is legally bound to this privacy law.

it is really useful to get a grasp of Views Contextual Filters for Drupal 7.

Installing Drupal 7 locally (using XAMPP)

Drupal is a huge software project by any measure, with thousands of developers writing code for it and deploying websites and applications on it.

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