13 Efficient Tips to Help You Master Your Mac

13 Efficient Tips to Help You Master Your Mac

Why are Apple fans so loyal to the brand? There’s not just one, but massive reasons that result in building fans’ trust and faith towards Apple. Mac offers intuitive features that make Apple computers unique and exceptional in terms of usability, flexibility, and more.  

As a company, Apple now sets the highest standard in innovation, technology, good management, marketing, etc.

Capture Screenshot of a Specific Part

Sometimes, we need to capture screenshots of a particular area on the Mac screen without having to capture the entire screen and edit it later. There is no need to capture the whole screen; just press Command + Shift + 4 to get the screenshot of a specific portion.

Rename Large Batch of Files All At Once

By using the intelligent Mac file rename feature, you can rename large numbers of files in a single go. By just doing ctrl-click, you can get the option to Rename. By replacing the text, you can make changes in the filename the way you want.

Solve External Drive Not Solved Error

If you find that mac not detecting external hard drive connected to it, you won’t be able to access data stored in it. The major reason could be corruption or internal hardware damage. Run First Aid on the external storage media by navigating to the Disk Utility.

Run Windows on Your Apple Machine

Run Windows on Your Apple Machine

Mac users get additional benefits and advanced features, and they can use Apple's built-in Boot camp assistance to install windows for free. You can easily install Windows on your Mac computer by assigning different partitions to both operating systems. This way, you can use the features of Windows and macOS on one device.

Add Signature to Documents

A simple and effective way to add your signature on your official documents without printing or scanning the document. Add digital signatures to your documents and official files using the Camera app. Use the Preview app to upload and add digital signatures to the PDF and other documents.

View All Special Character

What's the simple and easy way to make your documents impressive and more interactive? Well, you can add Emojis in the latest macOS versions by clicking the Edit option given in the menu bar. You can add different Emojis and symbols to the text based on the nature of communication.

Use Alternate to Ctrl+Alt+Delete

If you are a long-time Windows user and missing the popular Ctrl + Alt + Delete key combination to stop a process? If so, don't worry, as the Command + Option comes to your rescue. If you want to exit a program, there is no need to follow the lengthy procedure; in fact, press and hold down the Command + Option keys and press Esc.

Switch Between Multiple Windows

Switch Between Multiple Windows

The Command + Tab keys will let you easily switch between your open or running programs; this feature is exclusive to Mac. It is a quick way to switch windows within the same program without closing the app.

Look Up a Word in Dictionary

While writing an official email, a newsletter, an application, or a long-form article, you need to have a wide library of unique words. Using a Mac dictionary, you can easily explore the word's meaning before adding it to your draft. You need to press the Command + Control + D keys together to get these benefits.

Start Your Mac Silently

By selecting the Mute key at startup, you can start your Mac silently without any noise. It prevents you from the annoying startup chimes that Mac computers produce, particularly when you are sitting in the library or attending a lecture.

Find Your Cursor Instantly

Don't worry if you are working on your Mac and cannot find the cursor, as you can find it using touch gestures on the trackpad. You need to wiggle your mouse back and forth, which will increase the size of the mouse pointer. By doing this, you can quickly locate the cursor on your screen, stop it, and it will reduce it back to its original size.

Disconnect From a Wi-Fi Network

Disconnect the Wi-Fi your computer is connected with by holding down the Alt key and clicking the Wi-Fi icon given in your Mac menu bar. You can click on the option labeled as Disconnect with (your network name), sit back, and relax. It will disconnect automatically in a few minutes.

Use Spotlight for Calculations

Spotlight app in macOS allows you to perform quick mathematical calculations instantly. You can use it to add, subtract, multiply, or divide, as well as to convert bigger units to smaller ones and vice-versa. Moreover, Spotlight can help you to convert one currency into another.

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