5 Most Popular React UI Component Libraries

According to Stack Overflow Developers Survey 2020, ReactJS was voted as the most loved and wanted Javascript web framework.

Due to its popularity, many UI libraries and kits have built custom React components to facilitate easy integration and improve the developer experience.

There are many React UI libraries and kits smoothly running today. In this article, we shall highlight the ten most powerful libraries. These libraries were chosen based on the Github stars and usage plus the support community on Stackoverflow.

Note: All the statistics used in this article were extracted in August 2020 and may probably change with time.

1. Material UI

Material UI is based on Google’s Material Design. It provides easier and faster React components built with Material Design.

GitHub Repo

Material UI has the largest community support with over 8.7k questions on Stack Overflow and over 60k stars on GitHub. It is most download library on npm with over 1.2 million weekly downloads.

  • Used by: 272k + (apps)
  • Releases: 270 +
  • Contributors: 1800 +


2. React Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular grid-based CSS framework. React Bootstrap is an open-source library created for developers to easily use bootstrap in react applications.

GitHub repo

Each component has been built from scratch as a true React component, without unneeded dependencies like jQuery, and it was built with compatibility and a11y in mind. It also comes with a wide variety of components. React bootstrap community support is growing with over 2.2k questions on Stackoverflow with over 660k weekly npm downloads.

  • GitHub stars: 18k +
  • Used by: 261k + (apps)
  • Releases: 160 +
  • Contributors: 360 +


3. Ant Design

Ant Design is a design system for enterprise-level products written in Typescript with predictable static types. It consists of a set of high-quality React components with powerful theme customization.

GitHub Repo

Ant Design is the most starred library on GitHub with over 62k stars and over 469k weekly downloads on npm. It has well-organized documentation on how to implement components on your app. 

  • Stack Overflow: 2.2k + (questions)
  • Used by: 140k + (apps)
  • Releases: 408
  • Contributors: 1.2k +


4. Semantic UI React

Semantic UI React is the official React integration for Semantic UI. It comes with a huge list of prebuilt components designed specifically to make sense of and produce Semantic-friendly code.

Semantic UI React is a jQuery-free library which was re-written with React for extra functionality. It has over 11k stars on Github and over 169k weekly downloads on npm.

  • Stack Overflow: 780 + (questions)
  • Used by: 85k + (apps)
  • Releases: 291
  • Contributors: 301


5. Blueprint

Blueprint is a React-based UI toolkit for the web.

It is optimized for building complex, data-dense web interfaces for desktop applications which run in modern browsers and IE11 and it is not a mobile-first UI toolkit.

GitHub repo

With over 16.5k stars on GitHub and a weekly download of over 120k on npm, it is one of the fastest-growing UI libraries in the past year.

If you’re building something that needs to deal with a lot of data and a lot of flexibility, then consider taking a look at Blueprint.

  • Stack Overflow: 118 + (questions)
  • Used by: 6.6k + (apps)
  • Releases: 563
  • Contributors: 240+



In this tutorial, we looked at the top UI libraries basing on their usage. This tutorial does not point out the best React UI library but gives the detailed statistics that would help your team choose the one fit for your project.

Thanks to GitHubStack Overflow, and NPM that helped in the completion of this article.

Happy Coding!

[source: https://hackernoon.com/5-most-popular-react-ui-component-libraries-5sx3t9c]

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