First Scottish Drupal Meetup last Tuesday...

I helped organised a place for the meetup and chose Forest cafe seeing that they had free wireless access. But little did i know they were so disorganised, i should have expected this since the place was ran by many volunteers.

Anyway, after about 15 minutes of trying to sort out a room for the meetup while some of the attendees waited around. We finally got a room to ourselves. A little dirty and messy room but it was enough and i can't complain as it was free. It didn't take long for everyone to find a seat and settled down. We took turns to introduce ourselves to the group. A very interesting mixed of people, all coming from different backgrounds and qualities. As the night progressed, few late comers joined the meetup.

You can see a full list of people that attended thanks to Kerry for creating the diagram. I really had a wonderful time meeting like-minded Drupal users that really showed a lot of passion. Finally, mentioning the word Drupal was suddenly not aliening at all. This is what i get a lot when i try to explain to others what Drupal is and the community but only to get a blank face staring back, but not at this meetup :)

I'm really excited to attend the next meetup and looking forward to seeing everyone again. It will be held once a month on Tuesday nights.

At the moment we are setting out some sessions for demonstrations and tutorials for the next meetup. If you so happen to be using Drupal and is living in Edinburgh or a town nearby, drop in to the meetup.

The more the merry and maybe go for drinks later to round off the night.


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