Integrating Cooliris (formerly Piclens) with Gallery2

There has been a buzz about Cooliris (formerly Piclens) for quite some time now and i'm surprised i haven't tried it out until now. Wow, i must say it really does live up to its expectations, the photo browsing application really does add a whole new dimension to viewing a gallery of photos.

Now even you can add a gallery to Cooliris easily if you have Gallery2 installed. The steps are pretty simple. First to be able to use Cooliris application you need to install Cooliris from their website. It's a plugin that works with Firefox. Once installed you see an icon like cooliris in the top right corner (at least on the Mac anyway, not sure about Windows as this was only tested on Mac). Then follow the steps below:

Download this file and unzip the file to the root of your Gallery2 install

Now browse to your template folder (themes/{name of your theme}/templates/) and find the theme.tpl file, open this and insert this line of code:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="MediaRSS {$theme.item.title}" href="/gallery2/xml.php?g2_itemId={$}" />

Noticed i have put /gallery2/ as the path, this because i have Gallery2 installed in a sub directory (so you may have to change that depending on the directory your Gallery2 is installed to)

Where should the above line of code be placed? it should be place just after:

{if $theme.pageType == 'album'}
  {g->theme include="album.tpl"}

Go back to the page on your site and click on a photo album. You should now see the cooliris icon appear on a photo when you hover over it. This means it is working so click on the icon to view the photos in Cooliris plugin.

Thanks to 1n73r.


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