Taxonomy Navigation meets Pathauto module

If you have ever developed a site which heavily relies on Taxonomies to built up sections of a large website, you know how tedious and frustrating of a tasks it can become.

However, Taxonomy Menu module can help make life easier, but you'll be wrong. What does it do? it helps to pull out the terms as a list and place this into your navigation menu which then can be moved into another menu if desired without the need to know any of it's term ids which is really helpful. All sounds great but problem begins when you're also using Pathauto because both modules just don't get along. For example, pathauto would like to split out URL aliases like: category/music (which is nice) and taxonomy menu will split out URL like taxonomy/term/1. They are two separate URL aliases to the same category. It is like watching 'Laurel and Hardy' trying to work together.

So the other method was to either manually enter the URLs from copying it over from the taxonomy edit screen to your new menu item or write some clever code snippets to rewrite all taxonomy menu's URLs to match with Pathauto. Both method can pose a problem in that if you manually enter the URL paths, every new term you create will have to be manually entered into a new menu item. So the tedious tasks continues. Writing a code snippet to be place in your template.php to sync or match taxonomy menu URL paths also requires that every new term created will need to be included in the code snippet. Not so bad but again you need to update the code snippet each time a new term is added.

Worst still, your clients will have to go through these overwhelming tasks if they wanted to manage their own site.

Thanks to Ariel Barreiro (aka hanoii), now comes Taxonomy Navigation module and it looks like a match made in heaven. This modules works like Taxonomy Menu to render a list of taxonomies which can then be assigned to any newly created menu block(s) but renders the same URL paths as Pathauto. It has taken the burden away from all of the above i mentioned since it just respects Pathuto to keep the URL paths the same.

It is such a relieve to know that one can now become more productive again. This module may become the next must-have modules. It is what everyone that uses Taxonomy Menu module hoped it will do.

It's still early development for Taxonomy Navigation menu but i'm already very excited to see what else is in store.


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