I mapped my entire apartment’s Wi-Fi signal

So you've got crappy Wi-Fi. What do you do when you’ve rebooted your router, checked all your cables, called your ISP, and your Wi-Fi still fails you? Obviously, you model the physics of Wi-Fi moving through space. And then test the math, square foot by square foot. Becca Farsace and Cory Zapatka teamed up to learn more about how science can help.

Towards the end of the video, he mentions running a Cat-5 cable (wired network cable) to connect to router. I would recommend getting an access point router wired to your main Internet router and place this in the same room to extend your connection. It keeps it clean and safe. 

The Oka Speed Test iOS app: https://apple.co/3fOrSmh

Jason’s WiFi Solver app: https://bit.ly/39i4I5x


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